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Picture by Arthur Martin

Femme ter Haar (1996) is illustrator and animator. In 2018 she graduated from the Utrecht School of arts (HKU) with her project Uitzicht’, which was nominated for the ‘Gemeenteprijs Utrecht’ and shortlisted for a HKU Award.

In her illustrations, Femme looks for ways to visualise things that are hard to put into words; whether it’s loneliness, dementia or a specific feeling on a monday night. With a subtle and poetic approach she carefully takes apart and puts back together each individual topic, leaving room for the viewer to come up with their own interpretation.  

Femme is registered at the KVK (73011142)  and works on a freelance basis on both self-initiated and comissioned projects. 

> Femme is working on a project with the KF Hein Fund and the Sint Pieter en Bloklands Gasthuis.
> Doing a part-time traineeship at het Huis van Betekenis: 

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