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Femme ter Haar (1996) is illustrator and animator. In 2018 she graduated from the Utrecht School of arts (HKU). She has a love for words as well as pictures and is inspired and fascinated by the interaction between these two. 
While not steering clear of heavy subjects like loneliness, she also enjoys drawing funny figures and extravagant hairstyles. 

In november, Femme will start working on a project with the KF Hein Fund and the Sint Pieter en Bloklands Gasthuis.

Coming up: 
24 November                                 ‘Uitzicht’ at Beam This, Haarlem, NL 

1-2 December                                 Performance at Grafixx, Antwerp, BE 

February 2019                                Participation in ‘Koekoek 030’

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