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All pictures by Arthur Martin 

Vensters (2019) - K.F. Hein Kunstparticipatieproject 

‘Vensters’ was made for the K.F. Hein Fund art participation project and was born out of the things I saw and drew during a series of visits to the Sint Pieters and Bloklands Gasthuis; a carehome in Amersfoort.

‘Vensters’ can be described as a poetic ‘frame story’ (raamvertelling) about the elusiveness of dementia. By playing with transparency, collage-elements and fragility, the use of materials becomes an important layer in the story. I want to invite the onlooker to get lost in the drawings- to walk in between the works, to look closer, to wonder. What does it mean to deal with dementia and slowly lose your grip on reality? 

The work was made especially for this place in the building and was inspired by the existing architecture and light. For the technical side of the project, like the frames and construction, I worked together with designer and artist Bart Schalekamp. 

UV-print on acrylaat, transparant plastic (lee-filter), Steel 
4m x  2,5m