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Uitzicht (viewpoint) 

Graduation Project

Being human is irredeemably lonely.

Even when we look at the same things, what we actually see is often so utterly different. To me, this is something that is unsettling as well as fascinating. Interacting with others is what makes life worthwhile and yet it sometimes seems impossible to extend the insides of our brains beyond the borders of our skulls. 

‘Uitzicht’ (viewpoint) is an investigation into loneliness. Through a collection of stories from different people with different ages and different backgrounds, I attempt to understand its subjective and versatile nature. What does it mean to feel lonely and why do we find it so hard to talk about? 

- Please contact me if you are interested in seeing or showing the film - 

Video Installation: Total length 12:00
Sound design: Denisa Uherová
Language: Dutch (English Subtitles) 
Translations: Meike ter Haar